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Bridge Lounge: single Starblank Starblank Starblank Starblank Star (1 stars)
Spice: blank Star
Salad: blank Star
Size: blank Star
Strength: blank Star
Cost: single Star
Very cheap bloody for a reason it sucked! not even a pickle, served in small glass, no spice, no effort put into this drink, save you money and time don't go there. Of course its a dive.....I was just curious so stopped.
- 2009-08-28 14:24:31
Kroghville Oasis: single Starsingle Starsingle Starsingle Starhalf Star (4.5 stars)
Spice: half Star
Salad: single Star
Size: single Star
Strength: single Star
Cost: single Star
I am sure you could ask for spiced up version, I just didn't. These bloodies had 12 vegetables in them, hugh salad. They also serve free chicken with buffalo sauce they make there, now thats spicey, in a good way.
- 2008-09-25 08:16:49
Spice: single Star
Salad: single Star
Size: half Star
Strength: single Star
Cost: single Star
Known for its "Crab Dip" Had my first bloody mary here. Had a nice spice to it served in a cute little boot, with lots of salad including 3 shrimp, cheese, sausage, pickle, olive and more. Cost $5 this was a saturday morning bisquits and gravey was their breakfast special that day.
- 2009-02-10 12:43:24